Ideas For Decorating Food Tables At Your Spring Wedding

When planning the decorations for your spring wedding, don’t forget about decorating your food tables. Although the food by itself can be very visually appealing, when you decorate your food table, it can really pull everything together.


One of the easiest ways to decorate your food table is with tablecloths. You can rent linen tablecloths that match your wedding colors.

For a little more depth, you can layer your tablecloths. You can lay down a tablecloth that goes all the way to the floor on your food tables. Then, you can lay down a different colored tablecloth that just covers the top. This is a great way to draw attention to the food tables.

Along the same lines, you can use a white tablecloth that goes down to the floor, and then bunch-up fabric across the tops of the tables in your wedding colors. You can gather it up to create a swaying look with twine or string. 

Or you could use linen napkins to accent the food on your table. Using a different color than the tablecloth, you can lay linen napkins under all of the dishes. You can lay the napkins at interesting angles so the napkin is popping out under each dish. It will look like you are “framing” each dish.

Place Cards

In addition to the ideas above, you can also put out place cards that label all of the food. You can create cute place cards that incorporate your wedding colors using scrap-booking paper. Cut and layer a few colors together to create each place card, and have someone with great handwriting label each card. This will add a little more depth to your food tables.

You can use the food cards to identify each dish and to list any potential ingredients your guests may be allergic to, such as shellfish or nuts. Your guests who have allergies or dietary restrictions will appreciate this kind gesture.


If you use flowers, try to keep it simple. You do not want the flowers to overwhelm your food, or make it difficult for guests to access the food.

Flowers work best if you use them toward the back of the table if guests are serving themselves from one side only. Or if guests will be serving themselves from both sides, place the flowers in the center of the table.

Food Platters

A large part of how your food tables look depends upon the serving dishes you use. Be sure to ask your catering company what type of serving dishes they have access to. For example, on an appetizer or dessert table, tiered dishes can add depth and flare. For a buffet table, different sized dishes or patterned dishes can create a similar effect.

The key to decorating your food tables is to keep it simple. The food will do most of the talking for you. All you really need to do is add in some of your wedding colors as accents to pull the food tables together with the rest of your wedding decorations. Focus on adding color with tablecloths or strategically-placed flower displays.

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