New England Destination Wedding Needs Destination Caterer

When you plan a destination wedding, the destination should be the theme of the night. This is especially true when it comes to wedding catering. Choose a caterer that can supply authentic local foods for your New England beach wedding reception.

Authentic Appetizer

Serve clam chowder in small bowls as your authentic appetizer. New England clam chowder does have a specific recipe. It includes lots of potatoes, celery, clams, onions, and heavy cream. Salt pork or slab bacon is also used. This type of pork is thicker than traditional bacon slices and will give more pork flavor instead of smoky bacon flavor.

Lobster Bake Main Course

The main course of your meal should be the lobster bake, also called a clambake. Choose a venue where the caterer can cook the food right on the beach. The chef will use a fire pit, stones and seaweed to create the perfect temperature to steam the seafood and vegetables until they are done.

To save money, have the chef use a variety of seafood, not just lobsters. Use steamers, or steamer clams, instead of little neck clams, which do not have as good of a flavor. Mussels, crabs and quahogs are excellent seafood choices as well.

You may be worried about the mess of eating lobsters. You have a couple of choices to handle it. First, you could skip the lobsters and only serve clam and other seafood. Second, you could get matching aprons for the bride and groom to protect your wedding clothes. Some couples get the aprons inscribed with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” to add a little fun.

Succulent Side Dishes

Corn on the cob and roasted red bliss potatoes are standard lobster bake side dishes. Both of these side dishes can be cooked as part of the lobster bake. Cooking them with the lobster gives more flavors because of the aromatics from the other food.

Traditional Dessert

A blueberry dessert is traditional at clambakes. Different caterers offer different versions, such as: tarts, pie, ice cream with blueberry sauce, shortcake, and cobbler. You could serve a blueberry dessert in addition with your wedding cake. Or, you could have a blueberry wedding cake.

A blueberry wedding cake is not blueberry flavored. The pastry chef will recommend either a vanilla cake or lemon cake. Buttercream frosting or fondant will be used to decorate and fresh blueberries will be placed on top of the tiers of cake as a garnish and decoration.   

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