Five Drinks To Try On Your Next Trip To The Bar

If you are considering a group outing or a festive dinner, you can get that by visiting a Mexican restaurant with a full service bar. This will allow you to not only get exquisite Mexican food made with a variety of flavors and spices, you can also use it as an opportunity to try out some popular mixed drinks that you may have heard about, but may not have tried. So you know what to order, read up on these five popular options. 

#1: The Old Fashioned

If your event is upscale and classy, you cannot go wrong with this cocktail beverage. It is made with whiskey, bitters, vermouth and a sugar cube. This drink is often garnished with a cherry or an orange slice. The sophistication of such a cocktail makes it suitable for any event where people dress formally. 

#2: Long Island Iced Tea 

For a festive drink that is filled with plenty of sweetening ingredients, you cannot go wrong with the Long Island iced tea. This drink features a blend of different alcohol spirits, including gin, vodka and rum. This drink also features a variety of different flavored ingredients, including triple sec, soda and simple syrup. 

#3: Gin And Tonic

In terms of cocktails that are simple, yet flavorful, you cannot go wrong with the gin and tonic. This drink features dry gin, tonic water, ice cubs and limes. Depending on the bartender, they might also add other sweeteners, or a small amount of Sprite, ginger ale or other citrus flavored soda. 

#4: Rum And Coke

This drink is simple in terms of ingredient composition, but is flavorful enough for bar novices to enjoy. The drink can feature either clear or dark colored rum, depending on the preference of the guest. Further, it can contain any sort of cola soda, along with ice cubs and a garnish. The garnish usually comes in the form of a cherry or an orange wedge. 

#5 Margarita

If you are dining at a Mexican restaurant near Tucson Arizona and plan to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, it wouldn’t be right without the margarita. This drink is heavy on the tequila and lime, and usually features some sort of triple sec, fruit juice or simple syrup. It is popularly characterized by lining the rim of the glass with salt. 

As you can see, you have a lot of favorites to choose between for your next out.