About Tina Barsetti

Hi there everyone! I’d like to offer a warm welcome to everyone reading my blog. My name is Tina and I’ve created this fun and tasty blog to tantalize your senses and motivate you to eat more pizza. I hope you’ll find my website enlightening and enjoyable to read.

How do I know so much about pizza? I’ve worked at my family owned “pizza palace” for several years, and I’ve become somewhat of a pizza aficionado. Hey, I grew up on this delectable Italian favorite and I’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (although not all in the same day, ha ha.) I’ve also made my share of pizza pies, for myself, my family and for satisfied customers.

My blog will discuss the popularity of pizza, the many varieties you can find, what pizza toppings rule, and how to create a basic cheese pie. So, read on for fun trivia and fascinating facts. Buon appetito!