Pizza Toppings for All

Although cheese pizza is awesome, sometimes you’ve got to have more. With the many options available for pizza toppings, the choices are nearly limitless. Everyone seems to have his or her favorite pizza toppings, but one thing is for sure. Pepperoni wins the title hands down for the single most popular pizza topping around. You can choose the regular pepperoni or for some extra zest, choose the spicy pepperoni.

Meat – and Chicken -Toppings

Meat lovers rejoice. You can choose from ham or bacon, or Italian sausage or ground beef. How about a taco pizza? The main toppings you’ll enjoy for this variety will be ground beef and taco sauce.

Not everyone wants beef or ham for their pizza toppings, however. For the chicken lovers out there, a popular favorite is buffalo chicken pizza. These toppings will include chicken fritters or nuggets dipped in a hot and spicy buffalo sauce.

Vegetable Toppings

Vegetarian pizzas are popular in many areas and among all ages. The great thing is, most any vegetable can be used as a pizza topping. Herbs work well, too. For instance, why not top a pizza with garlic and basil? Then throw on some fresh cut asparagus. Broccoli and spinach are other popular veggie toppings. Roasted red peppers, yellow, red and green bell peppers, artichokes and mushrooms are other popular choices.